Weddings in Slezská Harta Centre

Enjoy your wedding day in our centre!

We will prepare for you:

  • Welcome of wedding guests, including a celebratory drink and small refreshments
  • A wedding ceremony in the centre or on the adjacent meadow, or in the tuff stone quarry, which is situated 550 metres from the centre
  • Wedding lunch – we will prepare a menu according to your wishes (steaks, short dishes, buffet, etc.)
  • For a fee we will decorate the wedding table in the colour you choose or together with a florist
  • Refreshments in the form of a warm and cold buffet
  • Possibility to grill meat in the fireplace or smoke it in a hardwood oven
  • Accommodation for the newly-weds and wedding guests – 40 beds
  • The guesthouse and restaurant are reserved only for the wedding guests and are closed to the public